Future Smart Parents: 5 key mind sets required to future-proof our children

We live a pivotal moment in history: the rules for success and failure in every industry and profession are being rewritten. Technology promises a potential bright future but equally threatens jobs. What worked before is not going to provide the solutions for forward.

As parents, it can be unsettling to try and help our children think through the big questions of the school years: what should they study, what should they be when they grow up, what new skills are required to be successful and what will success even look like a few years from now?

The session will highlight five key areas that parents and schools need to address in order to ensure our children are ready for whatever the future might throw at them. 

Graeme will cover the issues of a changing world, changing views of careers and jobs, new skills we need to learn and teach, changing our mind about South Africa’s future and the changing roles of parents and teachers.  

Join futurist and author & parent, Graeme Codrington, as he presents a compelling vision of the future of work, and shares insights into what we must do to help our children prepare for it.