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How we can support parents and students as schools slowly phase back in during Covid-19 disruption

Here’s an idea for you and your community: The Covid-19 disruption has had a huge impact on schools, and they are not going to be able to go “back to normal” anytime in 2020, or possibly

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The great homework debate

It seems that the great homework debate has been hitting school car parks, parents all over social media, dinner party conversations (for those of us who are still wild and crazy enough not to be in bed

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Let your kids be bored

Let your kids be bored!

In an article that appeared in the New York Times this week, the author, Pamela Paul suggests that we need to let our kids be bored again – there are many benefits to it, creativity, problem-solving

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Choosing the right school for your kids

Choosing the right school

Choosing the right school for your children can be a difficult choice - it’s an important decision and a significant part of shaping your child's future.Whether you’re choosing a school for the first

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Is 85 percent good

Is 85% good? What are you measuring

What are you missing by what you are measuring?I wonder how long the standard 'measure' for our kids will be based on a number. Take a step back to think what an 85% achievement actually means - did the

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