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Accounting and finance career advice

Advising your children for careers in accounting and finance

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 So, your child wants to become an accountant or auditor? Or maybe you’re advising them to follow a career in finance because accounting and finance are

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career guidance

Career Guidance – Time to change our thinking

When it comes to career guidance and career choices for our children we, as parents, need to start thinking differently about how we offer our advice.With technology; new careers being constantly added

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Ikigai - Helping your kids find their purpose

Ikigai – Helping our kids find their purpose

What will you advise your kids when they're asking what they should be when they 'grow up'? Is it possible to encourage your kids to do what they love; to do what the world needs; to do what they’re

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The New Lemonade Stand

I have spent many hours every week researching and writing a book about the future of work and leadership. In that time, I’ve seen some of the amazing changes coming soon to the way we work – and identified

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