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Advising your children for careers in accounting and finance

So, your child wants to become an accountant or auditor? Or maybe you’re advising them to follow a career in finance because accounting and finance are ‘good careers'.

How do we help our children make great career choices? Have you thought how these careers in finance will change as we see more and more artificial intelligence do a lot of the work that people are still doing? Yes… even the work of accountants, in fact - especially the work of accountants and auditors and financial advisors?

Have you, and your children, considered what, and why, the new skills are that will be needed to put themselves ahead of others who are studying in this field?

A 12 minutes video by Graeme Codrington - an expert in the future of work, parent, author and some how also started his career doing his articles for KPMG - below with some great advice for parents facing this task.

About the Author Graeme Codrington

Graeme is a parent of three teenagers, international speaker, futurist and expert on the future of work. He is also the co-author of the best seller book 'Future Proof your Child'.

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