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What to focus on while schools are disrupted and the kids are schooling at home

The three main priorities for parents and their children right now – IN THIS ORDER: 1. Ensure the physical, mental and psychological health of yourself and your family. 2. Help your children to love

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Raising children (well) through the Covid19 crisis

Another webinar from our team at TomorrowToday, featuring Jude, Tamryn and Graeme. This one focuses specifically on parenting and “corona schooling”. Raising children (well) through the Covid19

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A framework for ensuring holistic wellness

Another in our team’s webinar series, this one looks at the Circle of Courage. This is a framework used for youth at risk, identifying four key areas that young people need to show competence in

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How we can support parents and students as schools slowly phase back in during Covid-19 disruption

Here’s an idea for you and your community: The Covid-19 disruption has had a huge impact on schools, and they are not going to be able to go “back to normal” anytime in 2020, or possibly

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Dealing with Anxiety in the Covid crisis

Our team at TomorrowToday has been hosting free webinars in the past few weeks. The very first one was about how different personality types deal with stress and anxiety, and some tips on how you can do

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teach your kids to code

Teach your kids to code

The reason you should teach your kids to code is not necessarily about setting them up for a career in coding, but rather for kids to learn to understand code and speak the language of the machines.Coding

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Using the internet in the classroom is not cheating

Why using Google in the classroom isn’t cheating

Allowing our children to use technology in the classroom, to access information on Google, is not cheating!We need to stop worrying about testing kids on their memory and rather teach them how to access,

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Key skills for graduates

The key skills Google looks for in graduates

Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 What are the key skills that Google (and other big companies) now look for in their job candidates? What are the skills that we should be teaching our children that

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Accounting and finance career advice

Advising your children for careers in accounting and finance

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share0 So, your child wants to become an accountant or auditor? Or maybe you’re advising them to follow a career in finance because accounting and finance are

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career guidance

Career Guidance – Time to change our thinking

When it comes to career guidance and career choices for our children we, as parents, need to start thinking differently about how we offer our advice.With technology; new careers being constantly added

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